Site Update: Latest Event + Personal Note

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the huge delay with updating the latest Kristen events but life have been so busy and it’s been pointed to me that 2 other Kristen fansites were basiclly using my website as a source for them. So whenever I post an update, they come to my gallery, save the pictures and upload them as their own.

We do not own anything we post and all the pictures are copyrighted to their original owners but it’s common courtesy to just not take another website owner’s hard work and use it as your own. So hopefully you guys will understand why I had to start using a watermark on the pictures and will forgive me for that.

With that in mind, I’ve updated the gallery with over 120 pictures of Kristen out & about the last few weeks, enjoy!


06 / 11 / 2017

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  1. Me says:

    Totally understandable about the tag on the pics when people has no manners. I don’t like tags but at least urs is quite discrete.

    Congrats on the site, good fansites like this are not often found.

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