2016 – Terrific Trucks

Kristen as Zippy

Created by:
Original Network:
Number of Episodes: 3 (that Kristen has starred in)
Production year: 2015-present
Original release: 2016–present
Running time: 22 minutes
Other cast: Stacey DePass, Scott McCord, Paloma Nuñez
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Trucks are all around us. From dump trucks to construction vehicles, you likely see one virtually every day. This series, a mixture of live action and animation, brings the commonly seen vehicles to life as they traverse through real-world settings. Dump truck Tork, digger Dug, front-end loader Sparky, semi Stotz and scooper Blinker take on big jobs in each episode, including crushing cars, tearing down buildings and digging foundations. The trucks learn lessons as they work together and overcome obstacles to get the jobs done. Celebrity parents Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard lend their voices to various characters in several episodes. Bell says that the preschool show “is all about that larger-than-life sensibility” that goes along with kids’ fascination with trucks because they are larger than life.