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2003 – The O’Keefes

Kristen as Virginia’s Owner

Created by: Mark O’Keefe
Original Network: The WB, FOX
Number of Episodes: 2 (that Kristen has starred in)
Production year: 2002
Original release: May 22 – June 12, 2003
Running time: 30 minutes
Other cast: Judge Reinhold, Kirsten Nelson, Joseph Cross
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Harry and Ellie O’Keefe are loving but eccentric parents who’ve home-schooled their three children to protect them from the horrors of the modern world. Despite a ban on all things pop culture, teenagers Danny and Lauren and younger brother Mark are growing increasingly curious about what lies beyond the walls of their school/dining room. When Harry finally gives in and agrees to send Danny and Lauren to the local public high school, they get a crash course in how the outside world works.