2012 – Big Miracle

Kristen as Jill Jerard

Directed by: Ken Kwapis
Written by: Jack Amiel, Michael Begler
Produced by: Steve Golin, Michael Sugar, Tim Bevan
Production year: 2011
Original release: February 3, 2012 (USA)
Running time: 1 hour, 47 minutes
Other cast: Drew Barrymore, John Krasinski, John Pingayak
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Adam Carlson (John Krasinski), a reporter based in a small town in northern Alaska, can’t wait to land a job in a bigger market. Then, the story of a lifetime practically lands in his lap: A family of gray whales is discovered near the Arctic Circle, trapped by rapidly forming ice. Along with the descending media comes Rachel Kramer (Drew Barrymore), an environmental activist and Adam’s ex-lover. Together, they try to rally an international coalition to save the whales before it’s too late.