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2005 – Last Days of America

Kristen as Friend in New York #1

Directed by: Kevin Ford
Written by: Kevin Ford
Produced by: Angela Bettis
Production year: 2004
Original release: 2005
Running time: 1 hour, 11 minutes
Other cast: Angela Bettis, Suzanne Santos, Tiffyn Cvejanovich
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Last days of America is a story about a young woman who has left society and is now embarked on an inward journey of silence into herself. Although she is living in a small cottage in the middle of nowhere, her past life in New York City continues to loop around in her mind… words that she spoke insincerely before she took a personal vow of silence, and memories of the ‘living slumber’ that she seemed to operate in. As she pieces together her life in the serenity of the nature around her, an unlikely teenage companion shows up and is the only person willing to accept her for the blank slate that she is trying to become.